Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Collin's Bday Party

Happy Birthday Collin!!
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Who do you think had the most fun?
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Talan lovin

Talan getting some lovin from all the mommies. The kids weren't to interested in him but thats ok he'll be running around with them in no time.
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Group Photo

Us silly mommies wanted to get all the kids pictures together. I think we did pretty good considering the ages we were working with. Talan I have to say was very good and was the best listener.
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Talan's visit to BE*Kare

Today we had another big day. We went and had Talan's first pictures made which he was a little fussy but he did good and she got some wonderful shots. After we were done we made a visit to BE*Kare to visit all the ladies I work with. It was so good seeing everyone however made me realize how much I am not ready to go back. They were all so sweet and got on to me for waiting so long to let them see little Talan. He will be going to school there as well but not until April so mommy has to leave him for a month. (But we are not going to think about that right now.) Anyway he met his future teachers the ladies in blue, Ms. Stephanie and Mrs. Becky who are just great and I know will take great care of my little man. They just ate him up, it was so sweet. Matthew was there as well so he got to see Talan's future room and see the craziness that goes on in a room with 8 babies. The ladies at the top are my crazy co-workers a.k.a the bosses Renae and Kristina. It was nice seeing everyone and I am glad they got to see Talan but it didn't make me want to go back to work any sooner!! Maybe for a visit but thats all.
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What is that?

I just had to show this. I thought it was a big moment. Talan is now starting to notice things a little more and here I got him looking at the bunny on his bouncy, which he has never notice before. He watched it on and off for awhile. He even hits it when he is moving around. I am so proud, him so smart.
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I love my cousins!!

I'm telling you what Talan is one lucky little boy. He has 3 of the best cousins anyone could ever ask for!! On Sat. they came over to visit since they couldn't really hold him at the restuarant on Friday night. They each had there turn feeding him his bottle as well as burping him. As you can see he is one happy little fella. Only if they lived a little closer. (ha! ha!)
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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dinner with the O'Briens

Tonight we met the O' Brien family minus one at the O'Charley's in Fultondale. It was our first Friday night to go to dinner since Talan was born so of course we had to take pictures. He slept for the most part but when it was time for him to eat we had plenty of helpers. Melissa won the battle to feed him but when it came time to burp the war was on. The girls had to wash their hands so William actually got a turn which he has not had since Talan was in the hospital. Then Hannah and Olivia got their turns. I know one thing we have us some good babysitters. They are so good with him and just love him so much. When it was time to go little Talan was wore out from his very busy day and slept all the way home. Don't let him fool ya though we stayed up until 2:00 am when we got home and that is how we got our blogging done. Gotta love it!!
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Curious Cat

Everyday the kitty is getting more and more curious about Talan. I thought this was so funny. I took the first picture thinking that, that was as close as the kitty was getting to him. Then he got closer and the more Talan made noises the closer he got. However, the last picture was a close as he got and he stayed watching Talan until Talan got fussy and then he darted into the kitchen.
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6 Weeks Old

Today was a busy day! Talan turned 6 weeks old today which I can't believe and I had my six weeks check up. We all went to the appointment because I wanted Dr. Stone to meet Talan since he was not there for his delivery. I also just wanted to show him off to everyone. The last time we were there I was only 2 centimeters and 20% afaced and we all thought I would be there the next week for the appointment however little Talan had other plans. I went into labor the very next day. Dr. Stone was impressed!! Gina is our nurse and she is great!! Anyway I got an o.k. that everything is doing what its suppose to and now we can have more babies!!
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Thanks Aunt Lissa

Aunt Lissa I love my ducky. This was the very first gift our baby got along with some onesis from my sister. She was the only that knew for awhile and couldn't stand it she just had to get us something and we just love it.
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Our visit at the bank.

After going to the Hardware store we went over to the bank to see all the ladies. They have been waiting to see our little guy and I tell you
what I do believe Talan is now the town celebrity. When we walked in they all went crazy. They were all so sweet and just loved all over him.
It was funny because Talan had his eye on the vault the whole time we were in there. He definitly knows where the money is.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Pop Jim Telling Talan all about Alabama Football

On Wednesday Talan was wide awake so we decided to get out for awhile. We went to see Pop Jim at the Hardware Store because everytime he sees Talan, Talan is asleep. It was so sweet Pop Jim was just telling Talan all kinds of things and Talan was listening to every word.
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Daddy's turn.

Since we starting bathing little Talan in his tub daddy has not bathed him by himself because I wanted to do it every time so I finally let him have a turn. And I have to say he did a great job. Here is him letting Talan drip dry.
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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Going, going, gone

Talan playing peek a boo.
He's fading.
He's out!

As you can see not much wears him out.

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Don't want to let go.

He was trying so hard to not let go of his pacy. He kept it like this for awhile before finally letting go.
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Napping in my bed!

I'm trying to do better. I have him napping now in his bed during the day. He is still in the room with Matthew and I during the night but in his moses basket. It takes baby steps. Him still little and needs to be close to his mommy.
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Monday, January 22, 2007

The kitty and Talan.

Our Kitty is getting a little braver and braver about getting close to Talan. However, this is as close as he has got so far. I think he thinks he's protecting him. As soon as Talans starts crying though he's out the door.
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Enough pictures, mom

No more pictures, mom, I need my rest. I think I wear him out sometimes. He's just so sweet sleeping.
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Yesterday we got out a new toy and we had so much fun! I don't think he can see real great just yet but he is definitly noticing things more. It was so cute because he was making those precious baby noises the whole time.
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What is my mommy doing?

He is just so cute I can't stop taking pictures. Having a digital camera is so addictive!!Posted by Picasa