Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hannah's First Banquet

I cannot believe my baby Hannah is old enough to go to a banquet and I do believe I am having a harder time with this than her momma! Doesn't she look beautiful!!! She will always will be my little stinker pot!! Love you Hannah!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tatum's First Birthday

Can't believe our baby is already a year old, where did the time go??? Here is one pic from her party and hopefully I will get some others up soon. But as you can see she really enjoyed her cake!!
I know its been a long time but here are a few updates in our lives.

Easter Sunday

My Officer and Gentleman

Matthew's Graduation from Police Academy!! Yeah its all over!!!
It was a busy/crazy 3 months but we all did it!!
I could not be more proud of my wonderful husband!!! He has gone through a lot here in the last several months and has not once let any of it get the best of him. I know I dont say it enough but I thank God for him everyday!!
Just keep him in your prayers at night for his safety as well as all men and women in service.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

We are up and running again!!! Finally!!

We are back and I am soooo excited!! With the wonderful help of one of our parents at work our computer is back and actually all new due to ours being completely dead!! We have had a lot going on and look forward to catching up with everyone!! As you can see Tatum and Talan have both grown tremedously and have accomplished great things in the last few months. I look forward to sharing and capturing memories again due to this is the only way to do so these days. Hope all is well with everyone and stay tune.

Fun in the Snow

Talan ready to attack his daddy.
Tatum in her brother's jacket and loving being in the snow.

We had so much fun playing in the snow!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Turner Update

Hello blogging world. Still haven't figured out my uploading picture problem and it is driving me crazy!! So heres another update on the Turner family. We are all doing really good busy busy as you all are and it seems like life is passing by way to fast! Matthew is really enjoying his new job and learns more and more each day. Talan is a month away from turing the big 3 so we are well on our way planning a bday and if I could only rent an alligator, shark and elephant I would be done but I don't think thats going to happen and that is all he says he wants so now its time to get creative. I took him to Disney on Ice today and it was so magical!! He loved it but got so sad at the end and wanted me to go get Mickey for him and I had one of those moments that I almost bought one of those crazy overpriced things that they sell but I didnt give in but I will be going to get that baby a mickey stuffed animal this weekend!! Tatum is growing like a weed!! She is sitting up like a pro and on Halloween night started crawling across the floor. Actually it was a scoot crawl but it was a crawl. We started her on cereal and stage 1 foods and even though she didn't love it like I thought she would she is getting better each day. Shes got 2 teeth and I do believe cutting another one. Her and Talan are so sweet together and love to play which is priceless to watch. They looked adorable on Halloween, Talan was a shark (thanks so much to Carrie) and Tatum was the cutest Bumble Bee ever. Hopefully I will get the whole picture thing worked out so I can show off some pictures. Hope all is well with everyone!! Take care!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Good Morning Blog world. The Turner family is alive and well just busy, busy but having lots of fun. I did something to the computer and I can no longer download my pictures and can not find any hardward from my camera to fix my problem so I have no idea what to do and have tons of pictures on my camera but can not download them. So that is one reason for my slacking the other is that life gets really busy and when I have a few minutes I hang out with my hubby. However lots of changes have happen Tatum is huge but precious and where Talan was short and chunky she is long and chunky which makes clothes buying very interesting. I have had to put her in some 12 months stuff, isnt that crazy!! She cut her first tooth last week on the bottom and is getting another on top and has done reeally well with it all just chomping on everything in sight. She rolls all over the place and has even started pushing to her knees which makes me sad, don't know if we are ready for that just yet. Talan is such a BIG boy and has the best imagination ever and keeps us all laughing. He loves, loves Frankiln and drawing on his easel. We have been working on writing our letters and numbers and he has gotten his T's, O's and H's pretty well don't ask me why those letters, well the T is understandable but the others are what he wanted to do. He is such a daddys boy and wants to know where is daddy is at all times even if he is just in the other room and his new thing to say are"You want to play with me??" and "Whew! That was some hard work" while wiping his forehead. Oh and "member?? when we did that Momma Daddy??" Matthew will be starting a new job on Monday so please keep us in your prayers. Change is good but sometimes hard to get us to so I know we will all be fine just have to get adjusted a little. I'll update about that later as well. So that is a little update about us for now and hopefully I will figure something out with my camera so I can share more pics but until then I will put some old stuff on that I never got around to. Hope all is well with everyone and we be seeing you soon.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A couple more thought were too cute not to share

Trying to get Kody to dance
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We love our Kody

Best Buddies!

Making sure she is ok

Kody is such a sweet dog and loves these kids and they love him just as much.
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rolling Around at the Turner's

Ever since Tatum has been rolling over Talan loves to get in the floor with her and just roll around with her so here is some fun pics of them rolling around together. He is so proud cause he says he teached her to do that.

Sweet Babies!!
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Tatum's 4 Month Check Up

We went for Tatums check up last week and it went pretty good besides getting the shots. She is now 16lbs and is 26 1/2 inches and is off the charts on both so she is growing just fine. I knew she had grown cause she had developed a few more rolls and most of her clothes were not fitting so we have had to change out some clothes and adjust somethings so that big momma can move around better. This was about the same time Talan beefed up and we were wondering if she would and she has definitly done that and then some but we love it!! She also has started sleeping in her bed and loves it she stretches out and rolls around and the best thing is that she sleeps all night which she has been doing that since around 10 weeks which we have been so blessed with. She coos and giggles all the time and loves taking bathes with her brother and thinks he is the best thing ever. She wants to move around more and gets a little fustrated with that but the way she is growing so fast I am sure she will be getting around here soon which makes me a little nervous. I like the days of putting her in one place and her staying there. So there is a little update on Miss Tater Tot she is such a blessing and we are soo tickled to have her in our lives.
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Weekend at the Hughes Lakehouse

A few weekends ago the Hughes invited us to spend the weekend at their new lakehouse and we had the best time. It was Tatum's first venture out for that long and we didn't know how she would do but she was great!! Talan had a blast and think Aiden and Austin are just great. He has been asking for them everyday since we left. It was a a very much needed time away and we enjoyed getting to spend time with friends which we need to do more often. Thank you guys for having us we had a great time.

Matthew attempting to waterboard which I think he would of had it if he had seen someone do it first so maybe next time babe. Talan was so worried about his daddy he kept saying daddy be careful.
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More Fun Pictures From the Lake

This was both our kids first time ever on a boat and they loved it. It was the perfect nap place Talan was out I think everytime we got on. He was not to sure about the whole life jacket thing at first but he got use to it and even made sure he was extra careful using the floaty thing as his seatbelt you can never be to safe.

Tatum had fun playing with Jax and loved all the excitement from the boys it kept her busy which made her sleep very well. Poor little girl it looks like she is going to be like her momma lily white especially if she keeps the red hair.Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 17, 2009

4 Months Old

Look at me I am getting so big!!! I have done so many new things in the last few weeks which makes my mommy & daddy sad but happy too! I can roll over from my back to my tummy to my back and I like it but get a little mad at times, after a fun weekend at the lake my parents decided it was time for me to sleep in my big bed and boy was it comfy and I can stretch out which feels so good and best of all I am talking a lot more and making sure everyone knows I am in the room. I really have been a good little girl and hope you are having fun watching me and my brother grow. We have lots more to share so stay tune for more on the Turner 4.

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My Babies

Here are my babies both at 3 months and in the same little onesis from their Aunt Lissa.
Its funny to see the differences and the similarities of the two. This is when Talan started to get chunky and Tatum is definitley following in his footsteps, I love it!!
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