Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tatum's 4 Month Check Up

We went for Tatums check up last week and it went pretty good besides getting the shots. She is now 16lbs and is 26 1/2 inches and is off the charts on both so she is growing just fine. I knew she had grown cause she had developed a few more rolls and most of her clothes were not fitting so we have had to change out some clothes and adjust somethings so that big momma can move around better. This was about the same time Talan beefed up and we were wondering if she would and she has definitly done that and then some but we love it!! She also has started sleeping in her bed and loves it she stretches out and rolls around and the best thing is that she sleeps all night which she has been doing that since around 10 weeks which we have been so blessed with. She coos and giggles all the time and loves taking bathes with her brother and thinks he is the best thing ever. She wants to move around more and gets a little fustrated with that but the way she is growing so fast I am sure she will be getting around here soon which makes me a little nervous. I like the days of putting her in one place and her staying there. So there is a little update on Miss Tater Tot she is such a blessing and we are soo tickled to have her in our lives.
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