Monday, March 31, 2008


We headed out to Gardendale after all the bday partying to see the fam and it was so nice to see them. It had been over a week since we had all been together and it was well overdue. Matthew met us out there and we all had dinner at Chilli's. I was bad and did not get a picture of Matthew, Hannah and William sorry guys I'll make it up to you next time. Talan was so excited to see his cousins and loved giving his Hannah a hard time at the table but Hannah you know he loves you!!! Harrison as you can see lost his first tooth while they were at Disney and I had to get a picture since we were not there for the big event. We loved seeing all of you and love you bunches!!
So, after a long day but a very fun one we headed home for some much needed rest. I know I needed it.
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After Noahs party we headed out to Jump Zone in Pelham for Haley our friend from school's bday.

Talan absolutely loved this place and had a blast and so did his momma. We played and played luckily they had this mini slide/tunnel for toddlers which was great and that way we were able to avoid the big slides and never knew the difference. He also loved the bouncy thing and I think we played in it for atleast an hour. Needless to say he worked up an appetite and loved the cake and then was out again in the car, must be nice mommy could have really used a nap at this point but it was off the our next adventure.
Happy Birthday Haley we had a blast!!
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Saturday we had another day of birthdays to celebrate. We started out at the McWane center for Noah's bday and it was so much fun! Check out that cake isn't it so neat, I didn't believe it was a real cake until they cut it. It was the Little Einsteins theme and that is the rocket they use.

They brought out all kinds of neat animals for the kids to see and Talan was not scared at all he kept calling them kitty kat and loved watching the mice play basketball and yes they really did play.

After the animals it was time to eat and then go explore the toddler town. Talan had so much fun and we will definitly have to go back with our daddy. As you can see he wore hisself out he was asleep before we got out of the parking deck which was good cause it was off to another party. Thank you Noah for inviting us we had a great time!!
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Friday, March 28, 2008


Some of you may have heard about the bus crash today involving students. Well, that was my beautiful niece Hannah's class. Thank you Jesus that she is ok and that their was not anyone killed. My heart sunk this morning when I got a call from my sister and even though was relieved to hear that Hannah was ok and was not on the bus that turned over was sadden to know that there were several injured. After seeing the bus and hearing the events of the accident you can not tell me that God and all his angels were not there watching over them and oh how thankful I am He was!! Hearing her sweet voice today was the best sound I heard all day. Thank you to all of you who have called and prayed throughout the day it has definitly helped. I ask you to please keep the students, teachers and families in your prayers for there are a lot of questions, feelings and wounds that still need to heal.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Talan is fascinated with anything that has a steering wheel so when we go up to the hardware store he is in heaven. Matthew made the mistake of showing him what happens when you move the gears on the fork lift so now that is all he wants to do and he is so serious about it. And loves it when his daddy rides him around. I promise he goes very slow and it does have a seat belt.
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Sunday, March 23, 2008


Someone was ready to eat.

Talans favorite thing at the playground, I think he would have stayed here all day. He liked driving Haley to the store, she gave him directions and everything, he's such a ladies man already.
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We had a great time at Owen's birthday and it was great seeing all our buddies. I was holding sweet baby Katelyn and someone got a little jealous, it was cute he was interested in the baby but did not want me to hold her.
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Friday was Talan's Easter party at school and it was so fun!! It took a little while but he got the hang of finding the eggs and was doing great until he found the blue egg and then it was over for him. He held on to that egg like it was gold and continued holding for the rest of the night and when you tried to take it he got very upset. His sweet teachers gave him a fun bucket with goodies inside that he has loved playing with. It was a great time but the best was seeing my little guy having so much fun. Thanks Ms Keisha and Mrs. Abby for being so sweet.
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Friday, March 21, 2008


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Talan calling for the doggies.

Bama and Kody have gotten so attached to Talan and love when he goes out to play. They are so good to not mess with him too much and let him do what he wants. Kody is very protective where ever Talan is Kody is not to far and always alert just incase.
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Visitng with our buddies...

Last Saturday night we went over to Lindsey, Jeff and Andrews house to visit with them and with Julie and Collin who were in town for our friend Stacy's baby shower. I feel bad because we had a girls night on Friday and the shower that Sat morning and I didn't take one single picture but did manage these two that night. Talan was amazed at JP their dog whom Talan kept calling a kitty and with Andrew's chair. He also liked playing with Collin and Andrew and seeing how fast those two are, wow us mommies have a lot in store as these 3 get bigger!! We loved being together and hope to do it again soon!!
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Monday, March 17, 2008


We can't believe that our little guy is already 15 months old, where has the time gone?? We have had lots going on lately and Talan is doing so much so heres a little info to catch you up. We went Thursday for his 15 month check up and he is doing so good. He weighs 26.14 and is 31.25 inches, we thought he had slimmed up a little. He is learning Spanish at school and can say olah and his sign language has gotten so much better. He is getting more talkative as each day goes by and loves to sing and boogie down. He broke out in a lovely rash at the beginning of the week but of course the doctor's said it was nothing which I am glad of but wish I knew what it was cause a week later it is still here but what do you do?? He loves going to the park to swing, driving the tractor and anything else his daddy will let him drive and best of all playing with his puppies. So there is a little to catch everyone up on Talan's little life. He amazies us everyday with everything he does and we thank God for allowing us to be his mommy and daddy.
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Thursday, March 13, 2008



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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Saturday after the snow cleared a little we were off for the American Girl Doll Store in Georgia to finish out Olivia's birthday weekend. It was a nice drive but we did feel like it took forever to get there but we were also very anixous to arrive so that makes it seem longer.

And finally we arrived!! It was everything that Olivia had wished for and more!! There was so much to see and do and wow so many little girls. We made appointments for the dolls to get their hair done and while waiting we shopped and found lots of fun things for the girls to take home. Whomever thought of this idea is brilliant, just wish it was me!!!

Having fun at the mall!!
It was a wonderful day and I feel very honored to have gone and spent the day with my sweet precious Olivia!! Little girl you are so special to me and I hope all your wishes came true!!! Love you bunches and bunches and your last wish will be coming to you soon I promise!! Thanks for a great day!!
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After subway the fun was not over, Hayden Olivia's best friend, myself and MeLissa had a slumber party and had so much fun!! We played American Idol, being an Aunt means doing whatever the girls want and lovin it, doesn't my toes look beautiful and then it was time for silly stories that made us laugh until we fell fast asleep.
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My sweet Olivia is now 8 years old and by looking at the pictures you are probably saying are they at Subway? Well yes we are and I bet there is not many out there that can say they have been to a childs bday party at Subway Eat Fresh but that is where she wanted it so that is where it was!!! The adults we're glad and believe me that Subway will never be the same after we got through with it.
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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I had to share this with everyone it was to cute not to. Monday we went to the grocery store after school so when we got home I was putting things away and had the bags all over the kitchen to later scoop them up and put them away in the cabinet. I turned around and my sweet boy had opened the cabinet and started putting the bags in and I promise I did not tell him to do that. What can I say he's a boy that takes after his mommies heart.
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