Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Someone Loves His Baby Sister

Yesterday I had sat Tatum up on the couch and ask Talan to be real safe with her sitting there and next thing I knew he was telling her all kinds of things and she was loving it. You could tell she was really studying him and trying to keep up with him but he's a little busy for her just yet. Here lately he has been more and more into her, always making sure she is o.k. if she is crying he says "I'll get her" and gives her her pacy which is so sweet and hard for him since he no longer has his. He is getting to be such a big boy and has already shown us that he is going to be such a great big brother.

Here he was saying "my baby sis-ter"

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Monday, June 29, 2009

She's Just So Darn Cute!!!

Here are more shots with her bow she was being so good for me that I just kept taking pictures and now can't decide on just one to share so here are more.
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2 Month Check Up

Back on the 18th we went for Tatum's 2 month check up. I ended up having to go by myself so needless to say these are all the pics I got. She had a rough time poor little girl it was her feeding time but I held her off so that she would have something to help soothe her after the shots which it did help but getting to that point was not fun for her neither for me. But it was a good visit she is now up to 12lbs and is 23 3/4 inches so much longer than her brother was at this point. It is going to be so interesting to see how she grows since she is starting so different than Talan. We are also very interested in seeing what her hair color will be. It looks like she doesn't have much then you turn her around and it is so thick in the back and it is so red but the top is more strawberry blonde so who knows. One thing for sure is that she is our little angel and we are so in love with her its crazy because that is one thing we were both so worried about, how could we love another child like we do our little guy but its there and we thank God for that everyday. We are so blessed Thank You Lord!!
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Finally figured out the pedals!!!

Talan has been working so hard at school and at home to figure out the pedals but poor fella his legs are so short it really has not been easy for him especially at school. But after a lot of practice and determination he got it and is so proud of himself. When he gets home from school that is the first thing he tells us about is riding the trikes. Now we are going to advance to the next stage since he's got this down pat. Hooray for Talan!!
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Finally a Bow

My sister and I played around with some ribbon and finally made sweet girl a couple of bows and I have to say they do look darn cute!! Here she is posing so good for her mommy.
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pretty Girl!!

Tatum is starting to make all kind of faces at us, it is so fun to watch her but hard to capture on camera but I managed to get a few here. She is so sweet and those beautiful eyes just melts her mommy and daddy. I think thats trouble for us!!
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Enjoying a Special Treat

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My Sweet Babies

I just love these pictures!!!
Even though Tatum opened her eyes when I took the pictures she stayed laying their with her brother as he held on to her arm.
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Fun at the Pool

This is the life!

Madelyn and Trey came out to the pool with us on Thursday and had so much fun. Madelyn has gotten so big I can't believe she will be turning 3 soon.
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Thursday, June 11, 2009


Tonight we were so happy to go see Harrison receive his yellow belt in karate. He has worked hard and is doing so good. We are so proud of him and hope he keeps up the hard work!!! We love you buddy and thank you for inviting us to come and see you get your belt. GO TAN TAN!! (thats what Talan calls him)
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My sweet brother has been out of the town/country since right before Tatum was born and is finally home. He has been so sweet sending beautiful flowers and calling to check on us but today he finally got to hold that sweet girl and I do believe she already loves him. Madelyn got to meet her new cousin as well and she was a little unsure at first but I do believe she was not liking her daddy holding another baby more but I don't blame her I would be the same way if I hadn't seen my daddy in 2 months. He was so sweet and brought back gifts, Talan a shirt from Amsterdam and Tatum a beautiful set of the stackable dolls I can't remember the correct name for them but they are so pretty. We love the gifts but love having you back home safe and sound more!!!
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Someone wants to be just like his Daddy

When we go outside and if Matthew is there Talan will look to see what Matthew has on and then he has to match and then he follows everything he does. It is really so cute!!
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First day at the pool...

Last week we headed out to the OBriens for a day at the pool, the community they live in has a very nice pool that we will be taking advantage of as much as we can until I have to go back to work. It was so nice being out of the house and having so many helpers. Talan had a blast just being with his cousins and Tatum well even though she slept the whole time we were out there she was lovin it as well. They have a very nice covered area with a fan and nice lounging chairs which was a perfect place for her so that she didn't get to hot. I promise her face is not covered up it just looks like it in this picture and she is not hot in that outfit it is real thin I didn't want any bugs to get her so I wanted her to be covered up just in case. My sister thought I was crazy but I promise she was just fine. We are so glad that summer is here and are looking forward to many more fun days like this!!
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Daddy's Little Helper

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Yummy Ice Cream Cones

While Talan and I were out we went and got stuff to make ice cream cones so after dinner we all sat outside and enjoyed one of Talans favorites ice cream. He has such a sweet tooth. Even though Tatum couldn't have the ice cream she enjoyed being outside. And our little friend Mr. Lizard showed up too.
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Playdate with my little guy

A couple of weekends ago my mom came over to watch Tatum so Talan and I could go play at the park. It was a much needed day and I am so greatful that we had that time together. I have felt so guilty not being able to just get up and go like we use to but sister is still too little to get out so these days its all about planning and asking for help which I am not good at the asking for help part but I am trying to get better at that. Anyway, Talan and I had a great time when we got there, there were 2 parties setting up so he thought we were going to a bday party and went up to one of the pavilons and starting singing Happy Bday which was so cute. The ladies setting up thought so too and were so sweet to give him a balloon which he loved!!! We also saw this hawk which I thought at any time was going to get us but he just sat there and let us watch him which Talan loved as well. The best part of the day was when we were swinging and he was just laughing and said mommy this fun, love you which made me melt. So thanks BEBE for helping so I could have some much needed one on one time with my little man.
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Quick Update...More to come

Here is a little sneak peek of bath time with Tatum. My computer is acting up again and will not let me do more than one picture at a time so I thought I would add this one and then hopefully add more later. She has advanced from her little bear sponge to this and loves it so much more. So far she likes her bathes up until its over than she gets a little mad but she is getting better about that as well. Hope everyone is having a great week and we will update more hopefully when we get this crazy computer working right.

Tatum's Protector

Kody snuck in tonight when I was doing laundry and when I got back in the room this is what I found. Kody was guarding Tatum just like he does Talan whenever he is around. He was funny though cause he would not move and when I sat on the couch next to them he just looked at me like woman you better not hurt this little girl. I know chows get a bad name but they really are sweet dogs if they are raised right and if you are not messing with their owners. I know one thing for sure he will not let nothing get my babies if he has anything to do with it.