Thursday, January 29, 2009

On our way to see the circus..

Talan getting ready to go into the circus.

Waiting for it to start. Even though he looks asleep he really isn't its just a bad shot but I thought it was cute of my boys. He was so excited and kept looking around at all the neat things.
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We ended up having great seats but having great seats lead to Matthew getting picked to help out. He was such a good sport. He got to play musical chairs with the clowns and perform a really neat trick. He did such a great job and was a celebrity amonst our group!!

When the animals came out Talan was amazed. He kept waving to them and saying hey lephants hey. It was so cute!! We were unsure of how he would do this being his first big thing to go to and he did GREAT!!! I am so glad we were able to take him and definitly will be going again next year!!!

He was sad to leave and kept looking for the lephants and kept saying where da go?? Not 5 minutes later from taking this picture he was out and slept until 4:15. When he got up from nap I asked him if he had fun at the circus and he said FUN!!! Where lephants?? and then went and got his stuff animal elephant and has not put him down since. So I do believe he had a really good time and I know we did too.
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


When we left school today we had to get a few more pictures with the bus and to show off his bus shirt he had on. He was still so excited about getting on the bus and he wanted to tell me all about it. He also had to point out where the gas goes just incase I didn't know. If he only knew that his mommy has driven that bus several times, right now in his little eyes I would be so cool.
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Today was a very fun day for Talan. His class has been talking about transportation so today they got to go on a field trip to go look and get on the school bus. Even though they didn't get to go anywhere they had a blast and really thought they were going somewhere. Talan was very serious as always about it but when he was getting off he said that FUN!!! This is definitly one of my many perks of my job, I am so fortunate to get to see all these fun things he gets to do and experience throughout his day.
Tomorrow we are headed to the circus and we are so excited so I am sure I will have lots of fun pics to share.
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Enjoying his first ice cream sunday..

I think he likes it!!!
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Talans new thing is to take his tools to the bath with him. He says he has to work and fix it so its all done. So I just had to snap a few pictures cause he's just so darn cute.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE TURNERS even if its a little late

Our New Years was just what we wanted it to be nice and quite at home. We fixed a yummy dinner and dessert and then just played and boogied to the music on tv. Thanks to my friend Lindsey at work we had these fun hats so of course we had to get some silly pictures. This was our last new years to be just the 3 of us and it has been so fun but we are so excited about getting our sister!!! We look forward to all of the changes coming our way for 2009, just keep us in your prayers as you are all in ours.
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Watch out feet, He found the backpack w/ blocks..

We were in Talans room cleaning up when he got under his bed and found this backpack full of blocks that his sweet cousin Olivia or Harrrison I can't remember (I'm sorry) got him last year at Christmas time at the secret santa shop at school. I have been able to hide it until now mainly due to all the million little pieces but now it is out and he loves it but the backpack is what is the hit. So here he is playing with his daddy but not letting anyone near the packback as he calls it.
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Girlfriend Allie's Bday Party at Pump it Up

After Christmas we went to Talan's little girlfriend Allie at schools birthday party. It was at Pump it Up so I got the daddy to go with us cause I knew I couldn't climb those slides at this point in time in my life and I am soo glad he went!! He now knows how exhausting it can be and I do believe he had just as much fun as Talan.
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My Little Monkey...

We were getting ready to go somewhere and I was getting ready and came in the room to see what Talan was doing and I found this. He was just a talking to the dogs and when I asked him what he was doing he said talkin Bama, Kody like what does it look like mom?? We have since moved the chair so this want be a new thing plus we are moving things out of this room to get it ready for his big boy room. Hopefully we will get it done before baby sister arrives.
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Saturday, January 17, 2009


This little boy has made our lives so rich we could never imagine life without him. Even though it is sad to see them grow its the best thing in the world to watch. We look forward to our new addition and all the exciting things coming our way. I know its late but I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas time and enjoyed all the little things life brought your way. I know we did!!
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A few more of Christmas Day..

Later that afternoon we headed out to Kimberly to check out what Santa had brought the O'Brien gang. And yes we had Ice Cream cones on Christmas night crazy it should have been hot chocolate or something like that but Ice Cream is what everyone wanted.

Last year we all loaded up in Williams truck to go look at some Christmas lights so of course we had to keep the tradition and do it again this year. The only thing was that we just got in and left without a diaper bag or anything and wouldn't you know it Talan worked up a nice aroma for us all but it didn't phase him any as you can see in the pictures he is just singing away while we are all about to vomit. But atleast we have a nice memory.

My how we have all change within a year. I can't believe how much my baby has grown.
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For starters Christmas morning got started a little later for us than expected. Our power went out during the night and we all slept til 9:15 which was wonderful however we were supposed to be at my moms at 10:00 for breakfast and I had to make monkey bread. However we did not let that take away from Talans morning. He was so sweet when he walked into the den. I said look what Santa brought you and all he said was thank you Ho Ho thank you and after about a minute or two of just starring at everything he finally went over to his toys and started touching them. It was very sweet and luckily I got it on video.

We made it to my moms not to late and didn't miss to much everyone had just sat down to eat. Which we were all starved as well. After a yummy breakfast we let the kids open there gifts which was craziness and then it was all over. After all the preparing you do you would think it would last a little longer but oh well as long as everyone is enjoying themselves thats all that matters. Thank you Aunt Lissa for the cool backpack and BeBe for the art easel and supplies we have already used them well.

Later on we made it back home to finish up our Christmas. Matthew and I were not supposed to do anything for each other but we never listen to one another. Thank you honey for my present and I know that you have already enjoyed yours. All in all we had a wonderful Christmas and can't believe it has already come and gone. I think Talan really enjoyed it this year and was sad when he realized Ho Ho was gone. I know next year will be even more fun him being even older and having a baby sister with us.
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We get together with some of our friends on Christmas Eve and eat lunch and let the kids play. Mrs. Joy had them a fun activity to do with decorating cookies. Talan wasn't so much in to decorating he rather just eat the cookies. But we did manage to take a few home for Santa.

Trying to get all our little ones together for a pic was not so easy but we did manage to get a few. And we try to sneak some family shots in as well, sorry Lindsey I don't know where yalls got off to. We had a great time and I am so glad we do this and I hope it continues year after year!!!

Christmas Eve at the Dempsey's. I think Pop Pop forgot that Talan was only 2 and got him this big monster truck w/ remote but it didn't take Talan long to figure it out and he loves it and his daddy does to. After a very long but fun filled day we headed home so we could get ready for Santa to come.
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The Updating Begins....

Christmas Pajama Party at school. Since the kids were out of school they got to come to Talans party at school and he was so excited to have them there!!

Baking with BEBE
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Oh my were to begin, I guess by first saying Happy New Year!! and then by saying for all you moms and dads out there with your children's bday around the holidays I pat you on the back!!! What a busy time!!! So much has happened in just 4 weeks that its been a world wind but its been fun. Just a little catch up on the Turners and later I will add some pictures. Talan turned two, moved into a big boy room at school which is the Twos room, went for his two year check up which he did not like at all!! However he did grow a little so he is now up to 33 inches which is great and right on track. Finally got a Christmas tree put up and decorated, Santa came to see us which was wonderful can't wait to show the pics for that, took a couple of days off work to spend with my boy and the family which was nice but made for a very busy time. Somehow during the break Talan got into TV which he has never really been interested before unless it was football, I do believe his daddy and his cousins helped in this area. So he now likes Shrek and as you see from the pics Thomas but not in the obsessive mode yet and hopefully we will not get there but you never know. Santa did a very bad thing and brought him these lovely pjs needless to say he loves them and has almost taught himself how to change his own clothes so that he can be in them. He has learned to climb more these days or maybe its just that he has gotten a little braver, we have found him on his changing table and almost naked in the back room on top of the chair yelling out the window to the dogs which I have to say was very funny and yes I have pics of that. He still really has no idea that a little sister is coming to the world but does know that it is getting harder and harder to sit on mommas lap and read books. About that sweet baby sister, she is doing great just growing like she is suppose to and moving around like crazy!! We have a feeling that she will be in gymnastics early on if she is as active as she is in the womb. I have been feeling pretty good tired a lot but thats life. Dr Stone doesn't like to give me an exact date anymore due to Talan being 3 weeks early and this one doing around the same thing so he just says to be ready in April but we are shooting for the 24th. You will not be seeing belly shots of me and I know everyone will be so sad, ha ha but I am definitly not the cute ideal preggo lady so I will spare everyone because as you will see in some of the photos I am large and will be getting larger just like I did with Talan but that is ok as long as my babies are healthly that is all that matters. We have been trying our best to get things moved around and put up so that we can move Talan into his new big boy room and then get sisters room ready but it is taking a while due to there is no where to put anything!!! We have a deadline though so hopefully we will make it and hopefully by then we will have decided on a name so then all we will have to do is sit back and wait til shes here. Atleast it sounds good. Needless to say we have been a little busy and looks like its not going to slow down anytime soon but thats the fun of things. We hope you are all doing wonderful and life is treating you great!! Sorry for the long post but its been awhile so I thought it was time to catch up and I a few minutes to chat. See you soon!!
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