Sunday, August 31, 2008


During another afternoon of rain we took our blocks on the porch to play so they got a little dirty so we brought them in and gave them a bath and Talan was captivated for over an hour. He's face expressions says it all, he was very serious but loved it.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Skinny Dipping

Sunday afternoon during the break from rain we played outside however it was really hot and sticky, so Talan got in his pool but then decided he didn't want his clothes on so he ended up naked and it didn't bother him a bit. I made several attempts to put a bathing suit on but he wasn't having it so why not let him be naked. The only bad thing was that I went to put bug spray on him and it got in his little hiny area and it did not feel to good so daddy to the rescue with the water hose and then it was all better.

My Little Helper / Stinker

Sunday morning we were cooking breakfast and Talan really likes to help set the table so while Matthew and I were getting things ready (not really paying attention) Talan decided to set the table on his on. When we looked this is what he had done which I thought was so cute. He has put the plates out and put fruit loops on each plate. Then said "EAT", then he took them all down and put them back and cleaned up his mess. What a smart kid!!
However, within mintues I went looking for him cause he got really quiet and I found him in the tub (which he just figured out how to get in by himself little did we know) saying "bath". Little stinker always into something. And by the way now when its really bath time he goes in and gets in ready to go.
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Rainy Day Fun

So due to all the rain I have came up with new ideas for us to do. We took out the plants in the planters and let him have at it and I'm telling you it has been the best thing. Even though it makes a huge mess he has fun and that is all that matters!! And luckily since it hasn't been thundering and lighting we have been playing in the rain as well but I haven't been able to capture that just yet. Talan's new word is ewe wet and its wet. The only bad thing is when it is time to put new plants in will they last?? We'll see.
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Saturday, August 23, 2008


Here are a few pictures from our beach trip back in July that I never got around posting. One day I will get a good picture of my child without his finger in his mouth, hopefully!!!
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Monday, August 18, 2008


Saturday we went out to Kimberly to celebrate Hannah's birthday with a cookout and some swimming and we had a great time!! We love you girl and no matter how old you get you will always be my little stinker pot!!

Even though the pool was freezing the kids had a great time!!

Aunt Lissa did a bad thing and showed Talan where all the bugs were in the little drains around the pool so needless to say thats what they did pretty much the whole time. We also had some dancing divas at the pool, they performed a routine that ROCKED!! Watch out America!!
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Best Buddies..

I know one day they will hate us for this but for now we can get away with it and its cute. You can definitly tell who has been in the sun more this summer. I told MeLissa Harrison should do adds for Coppertone, the picture doesn't really show how tan he is his little hiny is shinig its so white compared to the rest of his body.
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Last Friday we took the O'Brien crew and Talan to the McWane center and had such a great time.

This was Matthew's first time here and I think he enjoyed it more than anyone and was the one that was getting in the most trouble.

Can you tell we had fun here. Its hard to see but its all of the kids faces and mine and Matthew's hands.
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Meet our new guest

We noticed this spider a few weeks ago and I was going to kill it but of course my husband wanted to look it up to see what kind it was. It is a St. Andrews Cross and is non-toxic so know we have been watching him and it really has been interesting. He has gotten much bigger than when we first saw him but I did tell Matthew that if he got much bigger than he was gone non-toxic or not.
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This kid cracks me up daily. Here he wanted to wait on his daddy to get home with his pudding, naked outside. He pulled his little chair out and sat there on his own it was so funny and when he dropped some on his belly he just scooped it up and ate it, you know he want let any go to waste!!
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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Whew!! What a week!!

Thank you to all who attended the clothing shows this week. I know it was a lot for one week but we had to get it in before fall. And boy there was some cute clothes!! I know now why God gave us a boy cause my husband would divorce me if we had a girl. Anyways its been a busy week but a fun one so I will catch up on some pics and I still have some pics from the beach that I didn't get blogged. So thanks again and hope everyone had a great weekend!!

My momma's drivin me crazy, making me try on so many clothes, where is my daddy!!!
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Friday, August 8, 2008


For those of you who missed the Sew Spoiled party you missed some cute clothes but don't fret my friend Cara and I are having another clothing show this Sunday from 2-5.
Its with Doo-Dads and Designs this is our 3rd show for these guys and the clothes are really cute and are made good. For those of you who have come to this show before they have gotten much better about getting the clothes out this time. So if you want to try them out again, thats what we are doing giving them another chance then we would love to have you. They have a lot of cash and carry stuff as well which is a little different this time. It will be in Letson Farms at my friend Cara's house so if you are interested just give me a call and I will give you directions. Hope to see you there however you can also shop on line if you can't make it. The website is so check it out.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


I am having one this
they have a really precious fall line out and if your gearing up for football like most everyone you don't want to miss the cute items they have for the kiddos with your favorite team. If you are interested in coming we would love to have you. Its a come and go kind of thing and if you need to bring the kids then bring them on we would love to have them as well. If you are unable to attend you can visit there website @ and do some shopping from there but I'm telling you its so much easier in person. Hope to see you there and bring a friend and a Grandma they always like to shop especially for those sweet Grandbabies!!