Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What a Cutie!!!

Thank you Mrs Tucker for the bow we love it!!!
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Dressing Ourself

Talan is getting to really like to do things on his own, which we have always been very supportive of and do our best to let him do it or atleast try. Well, these days its dressing himself and at times this can be a very challenging thing especially when he doesn't want any help. So trying to explain how to put shorts on is a work in progress. Well here he came in the kitchen and said I did it and was so proud of himself so I had to take a picture but I think after a while he realized something was wrong and the next thing I found was what the bottom picture shows. I guess he said heck with the shorts and diaper I'll just get my boots.
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Tatum Time

This is our sweet little girl at 12 weeks old. She at this point really had started getting very expressive and thinks she is a big girl holding that head up so good. She does good with tummy time but for only a limited time which is ok atleast she will do it.
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hello We're Back!!!

Sorry for being such a bad blogger!!! Between lighting strikes (we had 2 of them that messed up are phone and computer within 2 weeks of each other), soaking up every ounce of my maternity leave and having to go back to the dreaded work we have been really busy. We have had a wonderful summer and have lots of pictures to catch up on and a lot of growing has been going on as well. Tatum is now 3 1/2 months old and is getting bigger and bigger everyday. She sleeps through the night and eats like a little pig during the day but their are no complaints here. Talan is also growing and it makes me happy and sad at the same time. I made a comment to Matthew about thinking Talan was looking a little slimmer than normal and right after that I think everyone that saw him made comments about him slimming up and looking like such a big boy. I know that is a good thing but it still is sad seeing your babies grow up. I really have enjoyed getting to be home with him and Tatum, it has really made me view things a lot different these days. Even though some days were challenging I could get use to staying at home easily!! So anyway here we are and hopefully I can get up to date with everything we have been doing soon. Hope everyone is having a great summer as well and we will be seeing you soon.
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Saturday we went to celebrate Sara's 1st birthday. Mrs. Lindsey went all out with some fun water slides for the big kids and they all loved it!! Sara was so fun to watch she didn't miss a beat and I think if they had let her she would have been down the slides as well. We had a great time and enjoyed spending a day with all our friends. Thanks and we hope you had a wonderful birthday we love you!!!

Talan was a little reserved at first about the slides but after awhile he was a master on them and had a blast.
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Tatum and Sara having a little girl talk. Tatum did so good at the party she enjoyed watching all the people and taking cat naps on the porch. It want be long before these two girls will be running around like their brothers.

Enjoying some yummy cake and ice cream!!
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Fun Day at Pump It Up

We met up with Melissa and the kids and some of their friends to have a play date at pump it up and had soo much fun!!! The last few times we went to a place like this I was preggers and could not play so this time I had just as much fun as the kids I think but I do believe I was a lot sorer than them but it was good exercise!!!
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4th of July Fun

Silly family photos. We got our very own firework show sitting on our front porch, someone off in the distance was shooting the big fireworks and we could see them so good and Talan loved it.

Drawing the fireworks

I think we started a new tradition. I wanted to try and explain what the 4th was all about to Talan so what better way than to have a birthday party. So, we made a Happy Birthday America cake and invited the family over to sing and have some cake. Talan had so much fun making the cake and thought it was great having a birthday for America.
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