Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Turner Update

Hello blogging world. Still haven't figured out my uploading picture problem and it is driving me crazy!! So heres another update on the Turner family. We are all doing really good busy busy as you all are and it seems like life is passing by way to fast! Matthew is really enjoying his new job and learns more and more each day. Talan is a month away from turing the big 3 so we are well on our way planning a bday and if I could only rent an alligator, shark and elephant I would be done but I don't think thats going to happen and that is all he says he wants so now its time to get creative. I took him to Disney on Ice today and it was so magical!! He loved it but got so sad at the end and wanted me to go get Mickey for him and I had one of those moments that I almost bought one of those crazy overpriced things that they sell but I didnt give in but I will be going to get that baby a mickey stuffed animal this weekend!! Tatum is growing like a weed!! She is sitting up like a pro and on Halloween night started crawling across the floor. Actually it was a scoot crawl but it was a crawl. We started her on cereal and stage 1 foods and even though she didn't love it like I thought she would she is getting better each day. Shes got 2 teeth and I do believe cutting another one. Her and Talan are so sweet together and love to play which is priceless to watch. They looked adorable on Halloween, Talan was a shark (thanks so much to Carrie) and Tatum was the cutest Bumble Bee ever. Hopefully I will get the whole picture thing worked out so I can show off some pictures. Hope all is well with everyone!! Take care!