Saturday, October 10, 2009


Good Morning Blog world. The Turner family is alive and well just busy, busy but having lots of fun. I did something to the computer and I can no longer download my pictures and can not find any hardward from my camera to fix my problem so I have no idea what to do and have tons of pictures on my camera but can not download them. So that is one reason for my slacking the other is that life gets really busy and when I have a few minutes I hang out with my hubby. However lots of changes have happen Tatum is huge but precious and where Talan was short and chunky she is long and chunky which makes clothes buying very interesting. I have had to put her in some 12 months stuff, isnt that crazy!! She cut her first tooth last week on the bottom and is getting another on top and has done reeally well with it all just chomping on everything in sight. She rolls all over the place and has even started pushing to her knees which makes me sad, don't know if we are ready for that just yet. Talan is such a BIG boy and has the best imagination ever and keeps us all laughing. He loves, loves Frankiln and drawing on his easel. We have been working on writing our letters and numbers and he has gotten his T's, O's and H's pretty well don't ask me why those letters, well the T is understandable but the others are what he wanted to do. He is such a daddys boy and wants to know where is daddy is at all times even if he is just in the other room and his new thing to say are"You want to play with me??" and "Whew! That was some hard work" while wiping his forehead. Oh and "member?? when we did that Momma Daddy??" Matthew will be starting a new job on Monday so please keep us in your prayers. Change is good but sometimes hard to get us to so I know we will all be fine just have to get adjusted a little. I'll update about that later as well. So that is a little update about us for now and hopefully I will figure something out with my camera so I can share more pics but until then I will put some old stuff on that I never got around to. Hope all is well with everyone and we be seeing you soon.
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