Saturday, November 29, 2008

This is what I am thankful boys

What a good way to start Thanksgiving. Breakfast with my boys. Its not often that we get to all sit down for breakfast so when we are all home that is one thing we make sure to do. As you can see Talan is getting better everyday with his cup and here he has to be just like his daddy even making the same slurping noises. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I know we did. I have a lot of fun pictures to share and will hopefully get them up tomorrow. As for now I am off to bed we have had a busy day at the Christmas tree farm and watching a GREAT game of Alabama football. ROLL TIDE!!
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I found a recipe for Coca-Cola Cake and decided I was going to try it. Now I have never baked anything from scratch so I was a little nervous but with the help of my boys we did alright!! We actually had a lot of fun, I gave Talan a little mini verision of what I was mixing and as you can tell in the pics he had a blast. And for all of you that don't believe I don't let things get a mess I took pictures to prove that I do and it didn't bother me. And we even had fun cleaning it all up. Hopefully this will start more baking in the Turner household. Oh and the cake was delicious!!
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Making Omelets with Daddy

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Great Entertainment

The other night we were cleaning house. I had taken things off the dresser to dust and Talan found my bracelet box and was entertained for a good 30 minutes or longer. I was able to get all the rooms dusted and picked up and he was still playing. I thought it was so cute and he even put them all back in and put it back on the dresser when he was done. So moms if you need to get something done pull out your bracelets it works.
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We are introducing the potty to Talan, not pushing it but if he is interested then we will sit as long as he wants. This night he wanted to "tee-tee" as he says it so we went to sit and we stayed in there for a while singing songs and just chatting but nothing came out but he was so proud so when he went to tell his daddy I realized his little hiny was a little red and thought it was to cute.
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Talan is about to move up at school to the two's classroom so we along with his teachers are getting him ready. One of the things is drinking from a big boy cup. At first he did not like it at all! But then he would drink water only from the cup no milk. After a little while of saying no, no he finally gave in a now drinks his milk and anything else you give him. Now we are not saying we are not messy doing this but you gotta learn somehow. We are so proud of him. Next its riding a trike with petals now that one may take a while due to his little legs not being able to reach but he will get it eventually.
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Monday, November 10, 2008

Our busy day at the Pumpkin Patch and much much more...

Hayden Pumpkin Patch

We got lucky and got in this pumpkin bounce thing when none else was in there so we were able to be so silly and of course I had to get in on the fun.
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Pumpkin Patch Fun

Boy was I glad Matthew was with us as soon as Talan got a glimpse of this slide he was all about it and daddy learned real fast how exhausting it can be. Big boy tried his best to go at it alone but he called his daddy real fast.

Looking at the animals.

Hannah and Harrison went on this jumpy thing that was really neat and they loved it.
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Lovin some daddy time!!

We had so many pumpkins to choose from but Talan knew just what he wanted. I think his mission was to just get back to the tractor.
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More Saturday Fun...

Kimberly's Fire Station had an open house and since we were out there we all decided to go and the kids loved it!! It was such a nice little event and Talan thought he was big stuff up in that truck.

Night time finally arrives...we watched the game, decorated pumpkins, took a bath in lissa's big tub, lost a tooth (Harrison that is) and worn ourselves completely out but had a wonderful day with our cousins!!!
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