Sunday, October 26, 2008


We are trying to play catch up maybe one day we'll get there. We had a busy weekend and have lots of pictures to share from the pumpkin patch and from the Kimberly Fire Station Open house so hopefully I'll get them all together to share. Hope everyone has a great week!!
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1st Time at Build A Bear

Last weekend we went to our cousins Maygan's birthday party at build a bear. It was Talan's first time and besides it being a little over his head (the party part) he really had a good time. He made a puppy dog and carried it around all week. Thanks Maygan for invited us and we hope you had a wonderful birthday.
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Talan and I goofing off with the camera. He is so much fun and cracks us up with the things he does. Its crazy to think that we are going to have another one of these sweet little guys or gal real soon. My how things are going to change but we are excited about it!!
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Two weeks ago we had our fall festival at school and it was a great success. We had a moon bounce all day for the kids to enjoy and Talan loved it. I didn't get many pictures during the festival due to working it but I did manage to get atleast a few.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The price of playing so good outside. Poor baby was just having a good time and ended up in an antbed. (Just a note crocs don't protect much when ants are around) One restless night, lots of cream and benedryl and a good day at home with mommy with lots of TLC is now a much happier little boy.
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Very creative I have to say!!

I was cooking dinner and Talan was reading the cookbooks in the cabinet and found the food processor top and the next thing I knew he was going around the house and saying daddy, daddy and he was making a noise. I realized that he was using it as his blower like his daddy and the noise was the sound of the blower. How smart is that!!
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Daddy starting early teaching him how to cut the grass...

and he loves it!!!
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


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Mommy's Little Helper...

Talan has been helping his momma out lately or he's giving me a hint that I need to clean up a little. I showed him how to pretend spray with an added little silly noise and then wipe and now he does it all over the house. He is so serious when hes cleaning and if it really was spraying I would have one clean house!
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Thursday, October 2, 2008


Hello everyone, sorry I have been a very bad blogger here lately however the Turner family has been very very busy and we have also have had some computer difficulities which has made it hard to blog. Just to catch you all up a little on our lives. Our sweet new baby is doing wonderful and growing like a weed. The only thing is that that sweet baby is making the momma very very sick so needless to say if we get through a day without vomitting or a headache its a big thing. But its all worth it!!!! Talan is doing great he is learning his Spanish and getting bigger and bigger everyday and amazes us in the things he can do and say. He is also not understanding way his momma is not like she used to be so he gets a little upset with me and definitly tests mine and his limits. Now my poor sweet husband is the one who deserves hubby/daddy of the year is taking care of us, dealing with his crazy hormonal wife and the biggest thing of all moving our Hardware store. Yes, the Hardware store is moving, still in Pleasant Grove but in a different location. It will now be in the front of the Grove behind the old citgo gas station (aka Metro mart). This all has happened really fast (within the last 2 weeks) but we hope and pray that it will be a good thing and hopefully bring in more customers. So its has been a little hectic in our lives but it has been an experience needless to say and in a few weeks I will be through with my 1st trimester and the store will hopefully be all in ordered and things will hopefully get back to semi-normal. So we hope all of you are doing wonderful and life is treating you all well. Thanks for your prayers and we ask for them to keep coming. Have a wonderful day and we'll be talking with you soon.