Thursday, April 23, 2009

The arrival of our baby girl...

Here we are awaiting the arrival of our sweet baby girl. Dr. Stone wanted to induce me due to her getting to big so here we are. I had a lot of nerves/emotions about the whole thing and needless to say it was all over nothing cause it all worked out just fine and I couldn't have asked for an easier delivery. They started the potosain (sorry about the spelling) around 7:30 and within 30 minutes I had moved to 3 cent. and 50% aface and then at 12:50 she was here. Thanks to my wonderful husband and wonderful nurse Teri it all happened very easy and if my stinker doctor would have gotten there a little sooner she would have been here earlier but that is ok we love you anyway Dr. Stone.

And here she is.. a whopping 8lbs, glad we didn't wait another week!! Considering Talan was only 6lbs 8in this was a lot bigger for me but thats ok cause she is healthy and beautiful which all we could ask for. It really is a truly amazing experience bringing a new life into the world. We can't thank God enough for her and for Talan we are truly blessed and just hope and pray we do good as parents making this a wonderful world for them to live in.
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Meeting the Family

After they got me all situated they let everyone come in and meet Miss Tatum. I think they all agree shes a keeper.

Getting her first bath. She was not very happy during all this but as soon as it was over she was great. We had a wonderful labor and delivery nurse Teri!! She was great and basically did everything but deliver her and she could have done that.

Talan meeting his new sister. He was unsure at first, I think with me in the bed and being in a strange place threw him off a little which it would me too but he did really well and eventually warmed up to me and to her. I had gotten him a doctors kit so he could help take care of me and sister which was great cause that is what got him to relax a little and he liked being the doctor. I know one thing we wouldn't have made it without my wonderful sister and crew. They made it so easy for him and us to make it through the weekend without any worries. As you can see in the picture him and Harrison had no problem making themselves right at home wrestling in the floor. When he left he gave us all hugs and kisses and said bye to his baby sister so I think all will be good at home in his normal enviroment.
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Sunday, April 19, 2009


Here she is and she is beautiful!!!

Poor thing has feet like her momma.

very alert wanting to check everything out.

I'm a big girl
8lbs 2o 1/2 inches
with lots of blonde hair

We have lots of pictures to share but we just got home so we are going to get settled and await Talan to get home!! We have missed him but know he has had fun with his cousins. Thanks for all the prayers and calls she is precious and we can't wait for everyone to meet her. Life with two now begins!!!!
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baby Tatum

Baby Tatum is coming, going to the hospital at 6:00 this morning. Can't wait to see her. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Will keep you posted.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Our doorbell rang around 7:30 Sunday morning and when Talan went to see who it was he found that the Easter Bunny had left him some great surprises and he was soo excited. He loved it all and kept saying thank you easter bunny thank you.

My attempt to get pictures didn't go very well but atleast I got a few even if they are a little crazy.

Love this!

Last minute we decided to have everyone over we were so hoping to be at the hospital so we didn't make any plans but it turned out better that way. We had fun playing outside and what started as an Easter Egg hunt ended up in a game of kick ball which I have to say I hit a home run and our team won!!! And yes I ran the bases and still no baby.
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Dying Easter Eggs

We had fun dying our eggs the other night. Talan loved watching the colors form in the water and getting to stir it up. I think they turned out very pretty myself and we only got 1 crack in them which was pretty good I thought. We hope the Easter bunny likes them.
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Our next stop on Saturday was the Fun Factory for Anna Kate's party. We were a little late so the kids didn't get to play that long but they sure had fun while they could. Last year Talan couldn't do any of this stuff by himself but I did not have to worry this year he handled it like a pro and loved every minute of it. When it came to cake and ice cream Talan got in and ate then was at the door ready to go back in. And stayed at the door until we left just hoping someone would let him in. Poor buddy I guess I will have to take him back so he can play longer. Thanks Anna Kate for having us we had a great time and hope you had a wonderful bday.
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On Saturday we had 2 fun parties to attend. The first stop was Hannah's 1st birthday this is our friend Stacy's little girl. Its hard to believe she is already one. She looked so precious and I think she enjoyed her cake a little. Talan liked giving her hugs and as you can see in the bottom picture he enjoyed running around baby Sarah which was a little nerve racking for me but Lindsey told me to get use to it this is how it is with a baby around a very busy boy. Sorry Sarah!! Hannah we hope you had a great 1st bday and thank you for inviting us.
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Day Out with Thomas and much much more....

A few weekends ago we headed out to see Thomas at the Dixie Railroad in Calera. It was a little chilly at first but the weather ended up being perfect. Talan was in awe for most of the morning. He was just looking around and if you asked him anything he wouldn't say a word, he was concentrating to much on everything that was going on. When we went into the tent where the tables were set up thats when he came alive. He honestly was in heaven.

The only way to get him to leave was going to look at these animals which I was so glad they were near the exit or we would have never left. He was very upset getting in the car until I handed him this little booklet with all the trains and things in it and then he was fine. He had such a great time and we are so glad we were able to take him. This was the one thing I wanted us to do together before baby sister got here and I am so glad we did.
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The Fun Continues....

After we left Thomas we went to eat and then to the park. We had Daddy with us so Talan got to do a lot of things at the park that Mommy doesn't let him do like the big slide at the top of the park (big no no) but not when Daddys around. It made me nausious to watch my little baby go up that big slide and then fly down it like it was no big deal. I can honestly say that will never take place with me!! After leaving the park we headed home where Matthew and Talan decided to go over the yard which made Talans day even better. He would ride on that thing all day if Matthew would let him and yes I know it is not the safest thing to do and I promise it doesn't happen all the time.
We had a great day and I am so glad the weather held up for us and that baby sister held off coming so that we could go. But now she needs to come on, we are so very ready for her to get here!!!!
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Since Bama's disappearance we have been trying to bring Kody in some so he doesn't get lonely. So him and Talan have really became good buddies so when he comes in he is where ever Talan is and vice versa. One thing for sure nobody can mess with this boy if Kody is around.
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Just a fun Saturday with Olivia

Several weekends ago Olivia came to spend the night with us and we had so much fun. We went to have lunch at McDee's and for some reason we all had to have headbands on so here is Talan with his and Olivia's is on in the bottom picture luckily we got Talans off before we went inside. He also was singing his Thomas songs very loudly all the way there for us, good thing Hueytown isn't too far.
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You leave the child with his daddy or so you think and this is what the momma finds. Luckily I got there before he opened the eye shadow and blush that would have been a little bit of a mess!! Talan said "pretty momma" and of course I said yes honey!!
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This child would be outside 24/7 if we would let him. He loves it no matter what the weather is as long as he has something to push, pull, ride or dig in he's great!! What a boy I just hope his sister likes outside just as much or we will be in trouble.
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our Baby Shower...

A few weeks ago my sweet precious friends gave Tatum and I a wonderful baby shower. Everything was so nice and there were so many little details that really meant a lot from the mini dr peppers to the monogramed tablecloth. My girls are so good to me and I love them all to pieces!!! We got a mountain of sweet little girl clothes which was so wierd seeing at first since we've only had boy clothes up to this point. It was so fun going through everything from bows to booties, little girls have so much more to choose from. Thank you all who helped out and did so much to make everything so special for us!!! I loved it all!!!
Just a little note about the little rocking horse. That was the topper for my baby shower cake from when I had Talan and Mrs Sweet Veitch has held on to it this whole time so it was only fitting to have it at the shower. It held up really well but we all opted not to taste it. Thank you momma Veitch for all that you do you have always been my other mother and I love you for it!!!
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Our Bama left us...

This is one of our last pictures of our Bama Girl. She had been being a very bad dog lately getting out of the fence and eating our neighbors chickens. We had done several things to keep her in even changing her up which we hated doing. But the little stinker bolted about 2 weeks ago and she still hasn't come home. Even though she was driving us crazy here lately we never wanted anything to happen to her so we just hope and pray that either someone has got her and is being good to her or she is just out roaming sewing her wild oats. No matter what we do miss her and hope she is ok. So if anyone sees a roaming golden thats about 7-8 years old be good to her and let us know!!!
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What a fun way to wake up!!

He kept saying its snowing mama, daddy
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It was fun while it lasted!!
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