Saturday, March 28, 2009

Olivia's 9th Birthday

A few weeks ago we celebrated Olivia's bday. The girls met at Bead It and made bracelets and then we met up with everyone at Habernos to celebrate. It was a fun day and I hope you enjoyed it sweet girl. You always have the best ideas!!! Love you girl!!!
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I know this is not a bday but I guess you can say it was like a present. I got super lucky and got some free tickets to see Celine and called my ladies and everyone was so excited!! It was so last minute but it was so worth it!! Melissa and I had seen her once before and it was awesome and it was even better this time around however last time I got to get to her and she shook my hand but it was still good. It was fun having a girls night ladies lets do it again sometime soon!!
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Matthew's Birthday

We celebrated Matthews bday in Feb. again we didn't do much had cake and a good homemade dinner. My boys were not wanting to take pictures so as you can see like father like son they both gave me goofy faces, little turkies. And you may notice that everyone in our family turned 2 this year, it was the only candle we had so we used it on all our cakes.
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My Birthday

My bday was no big deal but it was a good one. Talan and I decided to make a cake Matthew wanted to get me a cake but nothings better than a fun-fetti cake!! Talan was a great helper and the cake turned out very yummy. It was a great day and the best part was that I was with my boys!!
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Collin's 3rd Birthday

Yes, I know this was a while ago but I am determined to catch up on my blogging. So what better way to start then to post all the bdays we have celebrated since the new year. So Collin sorry this is so late but here it is. We made a short but very fun visit to Tunica to celebrate Collin's 3rd bday back in January and had a great time!!! It was a lot of first for Talan and he did so good. Hope you had a great bday Collin, we loved celebrating with you!!
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Our Adventure to Tunica...

This was Talan's first time at Chuck E Cheese, needless to say he can do without Chucke, stick with the games and be just fine.

After the party we headed to Collins house to play and boy was it cold but that didn't stop our boys from getting outside. Luckily the daddies were there and the mommies got to stay in. He loved being at Collins house and really found Maggie their dogs crate to be very fun. I know this was back in January but Talan still talks about going to visit Collin and that it was so fun.

This was also another first for Talan to stay in a hotel and he did really good. The Horseshoe is a really nice place and best of all they have a great breakfast buffet. Even though it was a short visit we had a lot of fun and hopefully when baby sister gets here and things settled down we can do it again. Thanks guys for having us we had a great time.
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


A few weeks ago we got Talans big boy bed in and the mattress and we thought it was going to be a long transition period to get him adjusted but boy did we think wrong!!! He is so excited about his room and his bed. Before we could even get sheets on it he took a 3 hour nap in it so that was a good sign from the start. And he has slept in it since and has done really really well!! So that is what we have been doing the last few weeks is getting his room ready and moving all his stuff out of the nursery and getting it ready for baby sister. Both rooms are looking good we just have to find a few things to make it more their own and then I will take pictures and share with all of you. We hope all is well with everyone and I will be updating with lots of fun pictures soon.
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