Monday, February 16, 2009


We hope everyone had a wonderful valentines!! Talan got a special heart shaped doughnut from Krispy Kreme and as you can see was very happy about it. He loves some Krispy Kreme!!! And his special prize was Berdie the Bus from Thomas which he was so excited about. You would of thought it was gold!! We had a nice day at home and then his Pop Pop and Me Maw watched him so Matthew and I could go to dinner. However due to the over popluar demand at all the restaurants we changed our plan s a little but really enjoyed our night out. (you can tell we hadn't gone out on a holiday night in a while and now we see why) So, we visited our friends RJ and Jennifer and then picked up Mexican on our way in and had dinner at home.
And yes I promise Talan has more jammies it just seems like these are always the ones he has on when I get out the camera.
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Our good friends RJ and Jennifer welcomed their 3rd little boy to the world on Friday. We got a chance to go visit on Sat night and am so glad we did. He is sooo precious and I think it made it all the more real for Matthew and I that we are about to have a new little one as well. I don't think Matthew has lost his touch cause he had baby Jax snug as a bug and he even got a little sad when Matthew put him down. Anyway we are so excited for them and just know that his big brothers Aiden and Austin are going to have so much fun with him!! Congrats guys we are so happy for you!!!
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A while back we started a tradition of having pancakes,bacon and sausage on Sunday mornings. Its our one morning that we have nothing going on and we can just enjoy cooking and playing. Well Talan being the chef that he is has joined in on the cooking so while we are cooking he cooks in his little kitchen. He kept coming in and getting the plates from the cabinet but neither of us was paying much attention. So when he yelled out DADDY,MOMMY READY!! EAT!!! We looked to see that he had set the table (the floor) and was done with his cooking and it was time for us to eat. I thought is was the cutest thing and he was so proud of himself and the best thing he even cleaned it up. Its amazing what they learn from us even when we don't realize it.
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A Boy with many talents....

A construction worker by day and a chef at night. It is so funny to watch this little man cause he is constantly busy and its one thing to the next at all times. We wonder sometimes what goes on in his little mind but its nice to see that he explores all kinds of different areas and is not fixed on just one thing.
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Friday, February 6, 2009

No Momma I Not Tired...

I think someone was telling a story. And yes he fell asleep with his gloves on just incase it started snowing he was going to be ready.
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Talan told us he had to go to work then got in his dump truck and was ready to go but it wouldn't go so he switched and got on his bull dozer instead and starting backing up to go.
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