Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I think he is a tad to big

I thought this was so cute and luckily I had the camera to capture it. He was trying his best to ride on this little motorcycle and just couldn't do it. Poor baby finally gave up and just pushed it around.
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Fun at the Chevron

The other day Talan and I went to get Matthew some Gatorade at Chevron and they are doing some work up there and what I thought would be a 5 minute trip ended up being around 45 minutes. He was in a trance watching the backhoe scoop and dumb the gravel and would not move and if I tried moving him he would say no,no,no. Even though it was really hot I just let him watch cause at that little moment that was the coolest thing in his little mind and nothing else mattered.
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Monday, July 28, 2008


Today we went to go see the happy and very proud parents Scott and Margaret Fancher and their precious baby boy Colby. He is a doll and can't get over all that hair!! They are also now apart of the blogging world so check out their link to watch their little family begin. We loved seeing you guys and are so happy for you!!
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Dan and Danica's Baby Shower

Saturday night we went out to Dan and Danica's for a get together to celebrate the arrivial of Daniley. We are so happy for them and know they will be great parents. We had a great time and thanks for having us out. It won't be too long and she will be here.

What a fun weekend two nights in a row with friends. Talan enjoyed getting to play and getting in trouble with his buddies Aiden and Austin something about rocks and boys they just love them. It want be long before Katelyn and John Thomas will be right there with them. I think we gave Dan and Danica a little glimpse of what life is about to be like since we have a few at different stages. Let the fun begin, its great!!

Matthew looks good holding a sweet baby girl maybe this is practice for the future.
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Friday night we got all the kiddos together for a playdate and we had the best time. They all played so well and gave the mommies and daddies a chance to catch up and hang out. I know Reagan will be glad when baby Sara gets a little bigger so she will have a girl to play with. Guys we had a great time and hope to do it again soon!!
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dinner at the Pirate Ship

This picture is neat b/c two years ago Matthew and I had our picture made at this same place and we had our sweet baby in my belly and now here he is such a big boy. The pirate ship is one of my few memories of when my dad was alive we would go eat here with the crew that always went to the beach with us so it is a little sentimental for me especially now having a family of my own.
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Enjoying Every Minute of it!!

We were having a fun time in the pool one morning when a sweet lady said she had to get our picture of us throwing Talan in the pool cause it was just to sweet. She did really good to and caught him in mid-air. I thought that was so sweet cause its rare to get family shots.

Dinner at the Pirate Ship. Talan was very interested in the pirate but he didn't want him touching him.
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Let's Go, I'm Ready for the Beach

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Pier Park and Watching Fireworks on the Beach...

We ate at the Backporch which was really good however we sat outside and needless to say it was a little warm poor buddy when he got on the little train he was just about soaking wet. But the train ride help cool us both down. If your in PC you need to go visit the Pier Park it is really neat and the train ride is great for little ones.

Wow! Look at the fireworks!!

Yes we do all these fun things to entertain our little guy and his favorite thing throughout the whole trip was the mailboxes in the breezeway. This is where we spent a lot of our time due to it was the main way to the beach and pool so everytime we had to stop and lock and unlock the boxes.
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Fun in the Sun!!

I think Talan is going to like the ocean as much as his daddy does!!

I think I like this now!!
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Let the fun begin...

This is Talan's first reaction when we got on the beach, he wasn't real sure about it. He was like ugh!!!! what is this.

We decided to go have a dip in the pool to get him to relax a little so when we went back down to the beach he was a little better with it. It got much better the next day and of course I didn't have my camera with me.

It wasn't to much longer and he was out so I think he was a little worn out still from the ride down. He slept for almost 2 hours which was nice for Matthew and I to get some sun in and relax a little ourselves. I have lots more pictures to share so I will add them as soon as I get more time.
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Monday, July 21, 2008


We headed out early Thursday morning on our way to the beach. We had a great trip down, stopped in Luverne for breakfast then found a little park nearby and we couldn't have planned it better this bus pulled up right after we did with a few kids on it and made Talan's day. If you know Talan you know how much he loves buses so this really was great. Then it was off to the beach and little man was out.
We got back Sunday night and had a wonderful time. I have lots of pictures to share so hopefully I will get them on soon.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We will see you guys in a few days, hope everyone has a great week!! I'm sure we will have lots of fun pics to share when we get back. Love ya lots!!
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Another Big Boy Haircut

Erin has cut Matthew's hair for years and we needed to get Talan's hair cut before going to the beach, Ms Edith is not able to right now so Erin said she would be glad to cut it. As long as she didn't cut it as short as Daddy's I was fine with it. Talan really did so good and was such a big boy. He looks just as handsome as always!! Thanks Mrs.Erin for a great cut and for being so sweet!!
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


On our way home from visiting Baby Sarah on Sunday we saw the most beautiful rainbows we have ever seen. I know the pictures do not do any justice but it was the biggest rainbow it went over the whole city of bham, the top picture is one side and the bottom is the other side and being in the car I could not get the top but you could see the whole arch then there was a third one coming from the other side it was truly amazing and one of those magical things that everyone enjoys even for a moment. Thank you Lord for your wonderful gifts of life and beauty!!!
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Sips and Strokes with the fam...

Tonight we took my mom to sips and stokes for her birthday. We had the best time and our paintings turned out much better than we all thought. Even though your stressed about your painting pretty much the whole time it really is the most relaxing thing to do and to get your mind a million miles away from your everyday busy life. Ladies I had fun and hope you did to, love ya bunches!!
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Today my niece Olivia and I both had dentist appointments and we didn't even realize it. Which worked out great cause I had my sweet sister and the kids watch Talan while I went and then Hannah and Harrison stayed with me while Olivia went. Anyway Olivia as well as most everyone loves Dr. Shane and went on and on about how great he is and how she wanted to have her picture with him and it to be on the blog so my sweetheart here it is just for you!! And Dr. Shane if you see this thanks for being so great!!!
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Sunday, July 13, 2008


Lindsey, Jeff and Andrew received a beautiful gift this morning.
Baby Sara was ready to be here and we are all glad she is!!
Everyone is doing wonderful and happy she is here safe and sound!!
Congrats to the Jones family, we love you guys she is precious!!
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These two are so sweet together and love each other so much. When they get together its like two peas in a pod. Their little bond I hope will last a lifetime!!
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