Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This was a big deal the other night which hat to have on so I captured the action the best I could, this is how it went.
Talan finding the hats, Talan and Daddy put hats on, Talan wants to switch hats, Talan changes his mind, Talan screams cause Daddy is not sharing, Daddy plays fair, the hats go bye bye, on to something else, now everyone is happy.
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A couple of weekends ago Talan's buddies came over to play and for some reason I have not added them to the blog so better late than never. Even though Talan crashed early he loved having them over to play and can't wait to see them again.

Our buddy Collin, Julie's little guy turned 2 on January 6th since we missed his bday he got his present a little late and I do believe Julie loves us so much for this gift as you can see Collin loves it. Happy Belated Bday!! We Love You!!
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Friday, January 25, 2008


The last couple of weeks have not been so fun for us. We have had the yucky sickies going through all of us especially our little guy but we hope and pray we are better now. We had to take Talan back to the doctor this week and that little ear was just not 100% so Dr. Hamm wanted to put him on a stronger antibiotic which we think has done the trick. The down side is that the meds have tore his little hiny up and caused a lovely rash to form all over his little body but it doesn't bother him and he feels sooo much better so we are not going to complain. We just pray that we are done with this sickness thing and can move on to much better things like being healthy again!! We hope all of you are doing well and take care of yourselves and to remember to give all the love you can give today cause you never know what tomorrow holds.
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


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Its hard to get a picture of him moving his tongue like he does so I'll just explain a little. If he sees your tongue or if he sees his mouth in the mirror or if he is just playing he will move his tongue back and forth its really much funnier in person cause he is so serious when he is doing it. Anyway here I caught him in action so I tried to get a picture the best I could.
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Talan has found a new fun thing to do, he likes to help mommy sweep. He will sit there and push the broom back and forth and he gets so excited like he knows hes doing something so big. He's such a big helper I just hope he wants to help as he gets older as well.
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Sunday, January 20, 2008


Anxiously awaiting the snow to come.

Yeah!! It finally came and Talan loved playing outside in it!!

Our sweet dogs liked playing in it as well. We wouldn't let Talan out there with them due to them being a muddy mess but he loved letting them lick him through the fence.

We had so much fun playing out in the little snow that we had and even though it didn't last very long it was fun while it lasted.
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Our week has not started out to good!! Talan started feeling bad Monday at school so I took him home to get some rest and from there it just hasn't got better. We went to the doctor today and he has his first little ear infection which the doctor said looks like it just showed up today and a slight touch of bronchitas. We have been so fortunate with him being so healthy and not being sick hardly at all his first year of life so it is so sad him not feeling good now. He is being a trooper though and even when he's sad he tries to give you a smile and share his pacy with you. He is also getting his bottom molars which is not fun at all either. So please say a little prayer for our little guy that he gets to feeling better soon. Hope all is well with all of you and take care and bundle up its getting a little cold this week.
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Sunday we went to the park and had fun swinging and going down the slides. Talan is getting more and more adventurous these days and its a little scary for mommy and daddy but we know we have got to let him do what little boys do and just pray he doesn't get to many boo boos.
Check out his new shoes he got new tennis shoes on Saturday!! And my little guy has very large and extra extra wide feet so it looks like there want be too many options for us so if any of know where to find cute boy shoes that fit extra extra wide feet let us know.
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Monday, January 7, 2008


Talan got a neat little remote control car from his friend Reagan but he's not real sure about it just yet however his daddy loves it. He used to go running to us if it was on but the other night Matthew was playing with it and Talan climbed on his back to watch it was the cutest thing he knew he was safe up there and that car could not get him.
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Sunday, January 6, 2008


Yesterday was my birthday and it was a fun day with the family. My sweet husband watched the boys so that Melissa, the girls and I could go get some pampering. It was so nice and my fingers and toes are so happy!! Olivia wanted us all to match so we went with the brown and blue theme. Thank you girls for a wonderful day I loved every minute of it!! Later that afternoon we all headed to the Olive Garden to get some yummy food. My mom, Jerry and Anna met us there so we had the whole family there for the expection of Trey's group they went out of town so they couldn't be there. Talan was such a good boy and loved when they came out to sing. Thanks family for making me fill so special on my bday, I love all of you soo much!!
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Thursday, January 3, 2008


We have had so much going on the last few weeks and so many first for Talan that it is hard to keep up. We finally changed seats this past weekend and he loves it!! He used to sit back there and was so quiet not no more he is like hello everyone!! He was ready to go once we got it all in. BYE BYE he says!!
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Tonight we went to Ms Ediths for the long awaited hair cut. Even though it is sad to loose that baby hair it was time!! We thought he would do fine but we thought wrong. He was not very happy we tried everything even putting poor little Lucy in his lap. Luckily Edith knows a little thing about cutting hair so she was able to get it done and we all survived and it looks good.

Thank you Edith Talan will love you later we promise!!

Look at our big boy!! Now that it is cut in the back we can see that he definitly has his daddy's hair he has the same type cow lick it grows sideways just like his daddy's.

All better now let's eat!!
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Yes I was forced to put a clip in his hair the other day it was driving me crazy being in his eyes and yes it only stayed in there for as long as it took me to take these pictures. Daddy said NO WAY!!! So instead I gave Ms Edith a call to get this boy a hair cut.
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Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Today was not only hard to go back to work it was also Talan's 1st day in his new class Toddler B. Even though we are really excited about him moving up and he is very ready it still is sad cause it is just one more thing reminding us that he is growing up. (The first pic is when he had only be at BEKare for a week) It started off not so good which I kind of expected since he had been out for so long but as soon as he got some breakfast he got a little better. Then with some sweet lovin from Mrs. Sandra, Ms. Edwards and Ms. Chandra as well as his new teachers Keisha, Mary and Abby he was just fine. He did art, played on this little climbing structure they have with stairs, rode the buggy (which he loves), ate some lunch like a big boy and most surprising took a nap on his big boy cot for almost an hour and a half. Matthew and I are so proud of him for being so big and brave. Hopefully it will be a easy transition for him that way his mommy can try her best to get some work done.
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Talan and I have been SPOILED!!! I was able to take the whole week off last week so we were home for 10 days together with the exeption of one day he spent half the day with his daddy at the store. It was wonderful and I do pray one day I can stay home a little more. When asked what I wanted to do when I grew up I always said to be a mommy, now that I am I thank God everyday for allowing me to have this special role, yes I know it has its moments but it is so worth it all!! Going back to work is soooo hard!!!

Talan loves to give big kisses and besides saying Da all the time he loves to say ma ma just as much now.
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